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At REJUVA Dermatology & Vein Center here in Venice, FL we offer many advanced and new laser technologies for various cosmetic and skin conditions. REJUVA LaserfacialTM is one of the most common laser treatments that our patients ask for. This treatment combines various wavelengths of natural light in the form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to remove unwanted sun spots, redness, and unwanted hair. IPL face treatment uses filtered flashlamps to target certain chromophores as treatment for a variety of cosmetic concerns.

What Does REJUVA LaserfacialTM Treat?

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Which Body Areas Can Be Treated With the REJUVA LaserfacialTM?

We commonly treat brown, sun spots and other signs of photoaging on the face, neck, chest, arms, hands and legs.

Am I a Good Candidate?

We recommended a cosmetic consultation with our laser experts Dr. Mazloom and Dr. Rasouli to discuss your areas of concern, answer all questions and discuss the REJUVA LaserfacialTM IPL face treatment in detail. We sit down and offer a thorough consultation to ensure that LaserfacialTM is an appropriate treatment for you. We also offer a variety of other laser procedures that may be recommended to reach your desired result.

What Should I Expect?

Initial results from Laserfacial appear within 1-2 weeks and continue to improve as the skin heals in the following weeks. After treatment, there may be some redness and sun sensitivity. It is important to avoid sun exposure immediately after IPL treatment for the following 3 days of treatment. Moisturizers may be applied as needed throughout the day. Daily application of sunscreen is recommended. Multiple treatment sessions are often required and this will be discussed at your consultation. Following your treatments, many of the results are long-lasting.

Redness from rosacea is often greatly improved with REJUVA LaserfacialTM IPL before and after 1 treatment with many patients not requiring additional treatment. Sunspots or brown spots may form and get slightly darker, but they tend to gently peel off on their own over several days. Many patients also report skin tightening after several treatments due to the collagen synthesis that is seen with these treatments.

Book your REJUVA LaserfacialTM with one of our physicians at our Venice, FL office for long-lasting rejuvenated results. Contact us at 941-529-0070 today!

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Dr. Golta Rasouli

Dr. Golta Rasouli is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained vein specialist and physician. Patients are consistently pleased with her comprehensive treatment for venous diseases and other skin conditions. Dr. Rasouli’s extensive publication record complements her outstanding Google Reviews, reflecting her expertise and patient-centered approach.

Dr. Sean Mazloom

Dr. Sean Mazloom is a board-certified dermatologist and dermatologic surgeon with stellar Google Reviews. He is also one of few Mohs surgeons in Sarasota County where he provides exceptional treatment and care to thousands of patients struggling with complex skin cancers, skin conditions, and cosmetic concerns.

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