Dr. Golta Rasouli, MD, RPVI, DABVLM

Dr. Golta Rasouli is a double board-certified and fellowship-trained physician with expertise in varicose vein therapy, restless leg syndrome, cosmetic dermatology and management of skin conditions. She graduated top of her class and was awarded membership to the Golden Key Honor Society from University of Toronto for her academic achievements. She then received her Medical Doctorate in Chicago, where she graduated with research distinction. She is one of the very few physicians in the county who has received extensive training in various fields including dermatology, vascular disease and internal medicine. Dr. Rasouli has received her training at several top universities including Case Western University, Cleveland Clinic, and UNC where she received extensive hands-on training with some of the world-renowned experts in the field. Dr. Rasouli was awarded as a Top Doctor in Cosmetic Dermatology and Vein Therapy in 2020. She served as an associate professor and clinical faculty at the LIJ-Northwell Medical Center in Long Island, New York, where she enjoyed teaching residents and medical students.

Dr. Rasouli has presented in various national and international conferences and submitted numerous research articles and abstracts to a wide range of medical journals. She uses her skills in teaching and ensures her patients are well educated about their medical conditions which helps them to prevent or manage those conditions more effectively. Dr. Rasouli is known amongst her patients to be compassionate, personable and caring. Given her expertise and her ABVLM fellowship training she is one of the few physicians who sets the standards of care for treatment of restless leg syndrome and venous insufficiency in the entire county and in fact she is the only ABVLM fellowship trained physician in southwest Florida, which is why she attracts patients from far distances, including out-of-state to her clinic.

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